The Bounty campaign will start on January, 29, ends – July, 22, 2018

Find the detailed description of the bounty campaign rules here:

3% of the sold tokens amount is allocated for funding crypto-community Bounty Campaign.

A total of 85982638,67 AutoTokens will be issued during ICO. Total amount of public sale tokens is 60187847,07 AutoTokens, representing 70% of overall tokens pool.

The total number of Bounty Pool tokens will be equal to Total amount of sold tokens * 0,03/

For example, 20 million tokens were sold, the total number of Bounty tokens is 20M * 0.03 = 600,000 AutoTokens, respectively.

After that, the number of tokens for each campaign calculates. For example, the Twitter share will be equal to 600,000 * 0.06 = 36,000 AutoTokens.

At the end of the ICO each member’s bounty amount of AutoTokens will be calculated as:

Total amount AutoTokens of Bouny Campaign type / Total amount of all bounty campaign participant’s stakes * Member’s stakes.


AutoTokens distribution for Bounty campaigns (as a percentage):


Twitter 5%
Facebook 5%
BTT Signature&Avatar 40%
BTT Translator 15%
Content creation (Blogs & Media) 20%
Telegram 5%
Other 10%

General rules and terms for all Bounty campaign participants:

  • Тo participate in any of the bounty campaigns, you need register at bountyplatform: After that, you will be provided with a personal account with forms for filling, in according to the types of different Bounty campaigns.
  • Each Bounty campaign participant must join the official IAC channel in Telegram, IAC chat (AutoUnit ICO 2018) and IAC Bounty chat (Bounty IAC).
  • Provide a valid ETH address that you own or at least a valid email address during registration in order to claim your AutoToken tokens post-ICO.
  • For your work to be counted and stakes be claimed, post all activity you do on this thread, on a weekly basis, the next day after the end of the reporting week.
  • Using multiple accounts, cheating, or spamming are not allowed and will result in termination of your bounty stakes and membership.
  • We reserve the right to deny anyone’s access to the IAC Bounty Campaign if we believe you are not a suitable fit.
  • We reserve the right to remove you from the IAC Bounty Campaign if we feel you’re being dishonest, using BOTS or spamming social media or the forum.
  • We have the right to remove you from the IAC Bounty Campaign if you are banned or suspended on any services related to the IAC Bounty Campaign.
  • We reserve the right to change the rules and terms of the IAC Bounty Campaign at any time, with an official announcement following.
  • Spamming, scamming or unintelligent discussions in our channels will result in a ban.
  • Posts in Games & Rounds, Off topic, Lending, Auctions, Beginners and help, Archival, Investor based games, or Micro earnings will not count.
  • These rules and conditions apply to all Bounty campaigns. There are different rules for each specific Bounty campaign. There are rules for each specific campaign. Failure to comply with the General Terms and / or Rules for each specific campaign may also result in expulsion from the Bounty.

The referral bounty is a reward program for recommending the tokens purchases during ICO and Pre-ICO. Only IAC Corporation’s partners and VIP partners (see Glossary) can participate in the program. To become an IAC’s partner you need to register on the company’s website and pay the appropriate status.

Partners of IAC receive additional benefits:

  1. Bigger discounts depending on the current stage of the ICO:
  • Stage 1 (Pre-ICO) 20% for everyone, 22% for Partners, 30% for VIP Partners;
  • Stage 2 (ICO) 15% for everyone, 17% for Partners, 20% for VIP Partners;
  • Stage 3 (ICO) 10% for everyone, 12% for Partners, 15% for VIP Partners;
  • Stage 4 (ICO) 7% for everyone, 8% for Partners, 10% for VIP Partners;
  • Stage 5 (ICO) 3% for everyone, 4% for Partners, 5% for VIP Partners;
  1.   Receiving additional income via the partnership programme for inviting new partners      

           (personal and group registrations alike). Rewards are calculated according to the    

            terms of the partnership programme. 95% of the reward is being used to pay for  

            work done + privileges (discounts, cashback, courses, support, and everything else

            that applies)

  1.    Bounty campaign (runs during the whole period of the ICO) Terms of participation:  

            Only Partners and VIP Partners of IAC who have purchased tokens for the minimum     

            amount of $1000 can participate. Rewards are distributed for each token bought, as  

            per the table below:

Stage Partner (%) VIP Partner (%)
1 28,5 30
2 13.5 15
3 13.5 15
4 13.5 15
5 5.5 7
6 5.5 7
7 6
8 2.5
9 2.5
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