Aunit review as of Aug 19: buy on a bounce

Aunit vs USD analysis
At the moment, the token is based at strong support 0.03. An interesting point was when the price was moving down to ​​0.0150. If you were following my reviews, you had a chance to make money on it. Will support 0.03 be broken? Based on that very interesting candle, no. In the best case, it will move around a little and go to the area of ​​the first target 0.04. These levels are known to all traders, not so long ago they worked perfectly, most likely, they will continue to work.

As for the previous review and the reversal model at 0.04, this is one of those cases when a double bottom is drawn beneath the level, but something happens and the price gets back to the previous trend, in this case — the bearish one. There's been no entry signal intraday: i.e. the very signal that I am referring to in my recommendations, namely the flag. Actually, the flag was on the hourly chart, but it did not begin to work out. As a result, the rate drew a double bottom, stood, mused a little, and decided to go down. However, these are the things of the past days, now we should focus on the current situation.
As I stated above, it makes sense to expect a reversal pattern at the support area ​​0.03. If such a model appears, the growth potential becomes very interesting and is at peak 0.07. If you did not have time to buy token at 0.0150, you still have a chance to take 250 percent of the profit by buying coins now and waiting for working out to 0.07. In addition to the profit from the growth of token, you can get a nice bonus from participating in the Aunit-Rally.

Aunit vs BTC analysis

Token is being traded against Bitcoin in the support area ​​0.00000200. As with the previous tool, this support represents a strong level. However, I do not exclude that the price would prick support 0.00000200, the same happened on the previous pair. In this case, I can recommend putting a little volume beneath support 0.00000200. However, unlike the situation with the previous pair, here the pair is still working close to the support and can go up without drawing a reversal pattern — this is the worst option, as it will not give a good entry point. But in general, if you work more as an investor than as a trader, now is a good price to buy Aunit token.

Aunit vs. ETH analysis

As usual, for the most part of the time, the calmest situations take place for the cryptocurrency pair Aunit token against Ethereum. Here the rate is being traded in the support area ​​0.000100. If you have free Ethereum, it’s time to buy some Aunit tokens. It is worthwhile to place a profit order in the resistance area of ​​0.000400, thus, the profit potential is about 400%.

P.S. All three pairs are based on strong support lines: it’s time to think about new purchases. In the end, let me wish everyone to be successful both in trading and investing.

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