Aunite Group’s Advisor Sven Möller “Cryptowinter is over!”

On May 20, the head of the Swisscom blokchain AG, Sven Möller conducted an online meeting with the Corporation's partners. Aunite Group’s Advisor provided his assessment of the current situation in the cryptocurrency market and spoke about the future outlook for our token.

Right after the Aunite Group’s ICO had been launched, “cryptowinter” froze the market. It was a period when the price of Bitcoin and other popular currencies collapsed. This affected absolutely all coins and tokens, and AUNIT was no exception. Many companies could not survive this difficult period and disappeared from the market.

Now we are witnessing a “warm time” as well as the growing interest in cryptocurrency from large investors, including banks. This is a favorable situation for the AUNIT token, and it can be skilfully used to avail from it.

How can AUNIT consolidate its position? According to Mr. Möller, the way an asset is applied is the key factor determining the popularity of any crypto asset. The future belongs only to the tokens that can be used in everyday life, rather than just purchased or sold on the exchange.

Our token has a ready-made use case: now it can be used to pay for study at the Corporate University. In the near future, all settlements on the Aunite Group platform will be made only with the AUNIT token.

Let us tell you more about the Corporation development plans in 2019 concerning this area.

Users will be able to pay with AUNIT for:

- the Aunite Telecom mobile communication service as well as products of the "Academy of Beauty and Health"

- the publications made in our new project “Bulletin Board”;

- the AuniteTour tourism project service

Another important factor is the support of the token by its investors. According the estimation made by Sven, the Aunite Group’s partners and users community is in the TOP-20 of the most active and strong in the market. The constant growth in the number of the platform’s users as well as development of a partner network in dozens of countries provide significant support to the token. Each new member of the community contributes to growth of the AUNIT’s value and popularity.

The full version of Sven Möller’s presentation is available on YouTube.

Best regards,

Aunite Group team.

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