Review of the Aunit token May 31

Before we consider the situation around Aunit token, which is certainly oversold, and is in a good condition for purchases, I’ll draw some points regarding the major cryptocurrency in the world — Bitcoin.
The overall news background for Bitcoin is very good with positive expectations, but no next wave of strong growth anticipated. Growth of the coin does not seem to be completed at this point, but the slowdown is obvious. An important mark is a rollback to ​​8200–8300. If this support can withstand the pressure of sellers, the growth could be continued to at least ​​9500–9800. If the rate breaks support 8200, we will return to the old correction with another support based at 7000. Depending on which coin traders and investors will choose to exit from Bitcoin positions, other tokens will be supported, and the Aunit token can be among them. The latter is highly probable: just look at the pair Aunit vs BTC pairs preferred by a number of traders during a panic around BTC. When the support 8200 breaks down, the panic will take place as well as promising opportunities for bears. This support option should be considered only when other technical signals are considered, too.

Analysis of the Aunit vs USD pair
The token is in a flat position against the US dollar. At the moment, it is based on the correction or a rollback that occurred after the last growth. Actually, a new start is very likely or in other words, it’s time to think about buying the Aunit token.
If we talk about current support, these are the levels 0.0400 and 0.0470. The second support is working at the moment and, considering how quickly the false breakout of support 0.0470 was bought out, we can assume an upward rollback.
The smallest upward bounce will take place at 0.0560, followed by the targets, respectively, 0.0640 and 0.0760. Resistance lines are 0.0640 and 0.0760 which do not represent strong levels and can be easily updated or broken through. Therefore, it makes sense to fix profits partially, remaining in the market in case of a strong uptrend.

Analysis of the Aunit vs. BTC pair
The Aunit token is also based at the technical support area against Bitcoin. The best support for the last correction is now working — 0.00000570. There are attempts to break through this support, but for the time being, they are occasional. Technically, it is necessary to search for a Buy option, but given the low volatility for intraday volumes, you can buy from the market at 0.00000570 without searching for reversal patterns at smaller frames.

I wish every one of you successful trading and investment.

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