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Aunit review as of Jan 20: buying on a breakthrough of 0.0230

Hello, holidays in Russia are over now and business is gradually getting to the regular order. There are a few news points about the Aunite Group. The first one directly deals with the company’s business activity, in particular, it tells that new partner stores joined the company both in the Russian Federation and in the neighboring countries.
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Review of the Aunit token as of Jan 13: we buy on support at 0.00000100

Hi, I’ve got some news to share. First, starting Jan 16 all the pairs against Ethereum will be closed by the BTC-Alpha exchange. Despite the low liquidity of the Aunit/Ethereum pair, you were still able to earn on this, due to the well-predictable and regular behavior of the pair.
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The Aunit Rally 2019 is over!

Yesterday, the contest for crypto traders Aunit Rally 2019 has finished. The final part of the campaign was held as part of the Interregional Forum of our Corporation.
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Your last chance to win to win iPhone X and Macbook Pro!

Friends! Tomorrow, on Dec 11, we will sum up long-awaited results of the Aunit-Rally 2019! Today, sharply at midnight at the  BTC-Alpha trading server's time we will settle final results of all participants.

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Aunit token’s review as of Dec 12: Macbook Pro for … $30

Hi! The title of my review is referring to the Aunit Rally. Indeed, as early as on Dec 11, this Wednesday, the campaign ends and its winners will be announced. The situation for buying Aunit tokens against the US dollar remains favorable from a technical point of view. In addition, everyone has a chance to win iPhone X when buying only 1000 Aunit tokens. At current prices, 1000 tokens will make $30.
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One week is left before the Aunit Rally’s final part: Macbook Pro is at stake!

Friends! One week is left until the final part of the Aunit-Rally 2019! You can still take part in the campaign and fight for the main prizes — iPhone X and Macbook Pro!
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