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Participants of the Aunit-Rally 2019 have crossed the finish line!

 The contest, jointly conducted by the Aunite Group along with BTC Alpha is now over! We already know the first winner, but who will get the remaining prizes?
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The Aunit’s review as of Sep 9: a perfect investment opportunity

From a technical point of view, the Aunit token is in a very interesting situation. As you can see on the chart, the rate is based on a very reliable support 0.0270. Since the level has been pricked, we can expect a reversal model being formed before the rebound somewhere to 0.07.
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As the Aunit-Rally is moving to its final part and time is running out, take your last chance to become a member and win cool prizes! Very soon, on September 17 the names of the winners will be announced live.
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Review of the Aunit token: … and it starts well again

As for the technical side, the situation is getting to be very interesting. The previous rally was very small and stopped at 0.0550, whereas the expected target was based at 0.07. However, everyone had the opportunity to make that trading position and thus double the available amount.
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We answer the questions of the Aunit-Rally participants!

Aunit-Rally has released a new FAQ section on its website. Together with the support service of the BTC-Alpha exchange, we've collected answers to the most popular questions of the Rally participants.
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Review of the Aunit token as of 27 Aug: a new rally

Next, I’ll consider the technical situation on the Aunit token against the US dollar. I congratulate everyone who followed my tips: there are hopes that the rally will continue and the optimistic first goal is around 0.07.
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