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Congratulations to the winners!

On November 18, we've determined the winners of the last intermediate contest before the long-awaited final part of the Aunit-Rally 2019. This time we gave out 10 000 Aunit tokens, which will greatly help in the fight for the main prizes: iPhone X and Macbook Pro! Everyone who subscribed to our Youtube channel before midnight of Nov 17th took part in the contest.

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Travel around the world with Aunite Group for free!


We are pleased to present you a new project: the Aunite Group's travel program! Get free tours and discounts on cruises up to 40%!

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Aunit review as of Nov 18: still buying around the support at 0.0300

Hi! I’d like to start this review telling about the last day of global shopping. For traders and investors working with the Aunit token, it is also the day when the company’s brand and, as a result, the Aunit token are being advertised. Since the company directly deals with discounts, its offers became good news for many those wishing to do better on their purchases. This also means more support for the Aunit token.
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Friends! Watch live today the summary of the second round of “Aunit-Rally 2019”. Soon, we'll announce 3 winners sharing the amount 10 000 Aunit tokens! The broadcast will run on our YouTube channel at 2:00 pm MSC time.
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10 000 tokens Aunit are waiting for three lucky ones!! Let us remind you that the next round of the Aunit-Rally's 2019 Second tour will be held on November 18th. That day, we will randomly select three winners who will share the award — 10000 Aunit tokens!

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Aunit review as of Nov 11: buy on support 0.0300

Hello, let me start today’s review with the news about the finished stage of the Aunit-Rally 2019 . According to the campaign’s results, three winners received their prizes. Winners were selected with the help of the Randstuff app. The information about the prize winners is available on the Aunit Group website. We also should not forget about the coming season of big discount: “11.11”, “Black Fridays” and big New Year’s sales. 
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