12 000+ suppliers
2 510 000+ users         
Working since 2014
1 AUNIT = $0.04825
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Best Cashback service 2018
Cashback service 2018
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Review of the Aunit token as of Feb 17: buying at 0.02
Hi, before I am starting the analysis, let me recall interesting events and news of the company that took place last week. During the last week, customers could benefit from the promo offering an extra cashback for goods from the “Electronics and Home Appliances” section. The list of stores that participated in this promotion included such bright names as the famous Eldorado store.
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Aunite Group
An automated platform that brings together the best options of cashback services and affiliate programs
What is Aunite Group
One of the largest cashback services in Russia:
  • 12 000+ offline stores
  • 600+ online stores
  • 12 000+ promotional deals
  • Best offers on cellular services, insurance, tourism and legal services
  • The only cashback service with its own payment system and multilevel referral program
Payment system:
  • Payments for all kinds of merchandise and services via an internal digital wallet
  • Rewards for participation in affiliate programs and status upgrades
  • Rewards for participation in our projects: Corporate University, Beauty Academy and Real Estate Purchase Crowdfunding Platform
  • Issuing of co-brand cards in collaboration with Alfa-Bank
Unique affiliate program:
  • Multilevel recommendation system includes 9 levels of accruals allocation
  • Rewards for new users and cashback from their purchases
  • Rewards and turnover percentage for connecting businesses
Aunite Group statistics
More than
12 000
More than
2 510 000
More than
5 bln.
goods and services listed on the Corporation’s website
in 250
Russian cities and in 35 other countries
in 150
Russian cities and CIS countries
More than 12 000 partner companies
Discounts when pay using AUNIT
Cashback in 600+ online stores
Cashback for mobile, insurance, tourism payments
Convertible means of payment
Co-branded bank card
Own blockchain with DPoS algorithm
9-level affiliate program
2014 Launch of the project
1500 partners. 10 offices were set. 250 vendors were added.
Q4 2015
52 offices were set. Discounts are now provided in 94 cities. 1400 vendors were added. 40 online shops joined the project. The mobile app for partners were launched. The first cooperation agreement with the trade unions of the state-run institutions was concluded.
Q1 2016
105 offices were set. Discounts are now provided in 180 cities. 8000 vendors joined the project. 60 online shops were added. The first cobranded discount cards for the trade union members were released (2500 cards).
Q2-Q3 2016
Cooperation agreement with the trade unions of the state-run institutions in 4 macro regions of Russia were concluded.
Q4 2016
The project “VIP-Club Investment.Real estate” was launched in Sochi, Russia.
Q1 2017
The project “Beauty and Health Academy” was launched.
Q2 2017
We’ve arranged the corporate mobile communication (MegaFon and Beeline) for Partners of the club. Free user registration on the website was enabled.
Q3 2017
A new direction was opened: the corporate mobile communication with the cashback paid.
Q4 2017
More than 600 online shops were added with more than 600 000 users having joined the system. The agreement with the trade union association was concluded.
Q1 2018
A team of experts and advisors formed. The ICO launched on January 25. Festive opening of the ICO in the MIR hall in Moscow. A large-scale promotion campaign for the ICO. Bounty program launched and the roadshow started (14 cities, 10 countries).
Q2 2018
Partnership with Drift Alliance. The International Auto Club rebranded to the Aunite Group. domain started functioning, the Aunite Group trademark was registered and patented. A new development strategy for the Corporation was elaborated. A legal opinion was prepared by lawyers. Development of the corporation’s own crypto exchange service started. The server part of the site was upgraded.
Q3 2018
The proprietary blockchain DPOS> 100,000 traffic per second was developed and launched. Aunit Token was listed on the 3rd International Exchange. The Aunit exchange between holders opened. On July 22, the ICO was completed and its results were summarized. The forum was held in Moscow with 4 cars and rich prize fund being awarded to the ICO participants. Moscow office opened.
Q4 2018
Aunit Token listed on the “Coin market cap”. was recognized the cashback service No 1 in 2018 by several rating agencies. The browser extension launched. 715 000 000 non-distributed Aunit were frozen for 36500 days (100 years). A new banking processing developed; bank cards for the AutoCashBack cashback service launched. Leadership Council of Europe founded. More than 12000 suppliers, 800 online stores joined the service with more than 1250000 users registered.
Q1 2019
Business processes of the Group of companies were fully audited. Department of Development, “Mobile Communication” and “Academy of Beauty and Health” projects were upgraded. The Aunit token was also introduced as the payment unit for the corporate education. The corporate training system was updated and new tools for partners were introduced. "Aunit Marathon" was launched along with the campaign for partners. The presentation concept for the Aunite group changed: it became the cashback-marketplace.
Q2 2019
The package of tourist products developed and launched. The payment widget for the website was released. The 5th anniversary of the Aunite Group Corporation was held on May 16-23 with the dedicated forum in Sochi. The partnership promotion campaign along with the Aunit Marathon were completed with the results being summarized. Project participants were awarded a car and hundreds of other prizes. More than 1 500 000 users and 12 265 suppliers joined. 97 offices in 40 countries established.
Q3 2019
Affiliate Program Payment with Aunit. Launch of the "Bulletin Board" on the website with the possibility of payment only with Aunit. Launch of loyalty card exchange system. Release of Aunit payment for the products of the Academy of Beauty and Health.
Q4 2019
Modernization of website with an intuitive user interface. Release of the crypto exchanger. Launch of APlay game mechanics. Launch of Bonus reward system. Expansion of payment options.
Q1 2020
Start of developing of a new mobile application. Release of the auto-recruiting affiliate system. Update of the purchase funnel. Release of an automated, step-by-step education system (autotest). Expansion of payment options.
Armen Gevorkyan
A professional trader, founder of the International Cryptotrading Academy "Super Margin".
Alexey Puriy
The leading risk expert in "Otkritye" bank. Berlin, Germany.
Timur Tazhetdinov
One of the top marketers and business speakers in Russia and CIS. Chicago, USA.
Qu Wenbo
Mathematician, professor at the Shanghai Business School
Sven Möller
Head of ICO Advisory of Swisscom Blockchain AG
Daniel Ang
Investor & Financial Specialist / Advisor
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