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Aunite Group’s Advisor Sven Möller “Cryptowinter is over!”

On May 20, the head of the Swiscom blokchain AG, Sven Möller conducted an online meeting with the Corporation's partners. Aunite Group’s Advisor provided his assessment of the current situation in the cryptocurrency market and spoke about the future outlook for our token.
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Review of the Aunit token May 17

The situation is extremely simple for pair Aunit vs USD. There is a local flat trend formed after the recent intensive growth of the token within 0.04–0.076.
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Review of the Aunit token May 10

As for the Aunit token against the US dollar, the rate of this pair is in the flat trend. The nearest resistance is at 0.0550, with the nearest support being based at 0.0400. If we consider the current correction under 0.0550, the bullish mood is seen.
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Review of the AUNIT token May 3

The Aunit token is based at the correction stage, which is normal for any asset, after intensive growth. This indicates that there was a massive profit taking movement.
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Review of the Aunit token April 26

Hello, I’ll start with a positive factor: the Aunit corporation has started its cooperation with the largest trading platform Alibaba. Starting now, the company’s customers have the opportunity to buy products for their business directly from suppliers at competitive prices and return some of the costs in the form of cashback. This news is absolutely great for all the parties being involved, including those who invest in Aunit.
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Important message for holders of the AUNIT token!

Growth of the AUNIT rate made it more popular among investors and thus boosted the activity of fraudsters. The latter are represented by individuals promising to buy/sell AUNIT at a better price than the ones given on the exchanges!
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