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Aunit-Rally 2019 rating has been extended!

We updated the Aunit-Rally's standings: now it displays the entire list of participants, including those who is behind the TOP 100, yet!

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Review as of Aug 12: Aunit token is to face a new area of support

The review should begin with the fact that the correction in the market is still on, although we are receiving a stream of positive news. As it is often said, market is a market and always positive news is not always accompanied by a bullish trend.
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Aunit-Rally is heating up!

During the last 2 days, the volume of positions with Aunit has increased several-fold and made almost 6 mln. If the Rally’s participants keep up with the same pace, iPhone X will be drawn in just 10 days!

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Review of the Aunit token: a correctional rollback is still on

The technical situation on the token is developing around the support area ​​0.05. Now it is important to determine whether the token will return to the previous channel 0.04 — 0.06, or the price will rebound from the support 0.05 with a subsequent beginning of the new trend or a return to the last High.
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Exchange rubles to Aunit directly right in your account!

Enjoy a new conversion option in your personal area on website. Now you can instantly convert Russian rubles to Aunit at the current rate!
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It's easier to get Aunit Rally's top awards now!

We've improved the terms of the Aunit-Rally 2019: now it is much easier to get our prizes, including the best  devices for trading!
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