The Aunite Group — cashback service No 1 in Russia!

Dear users of the website!
We are glad to share the happy news with you: based on the score of the independent rating*, the Aunite Group is recognized as the best Russian cashback service! This is the score of the 2018 year based on users' feedback, the number of partners and usability analysis of the service. We've made a lot of efforts to make our service as useful as possible for everyone. Today, we are grateful to receive this high appreciation of our work!

Why do users choose Aunite Group?

9-level affiliate program

The reward is not limited to the cashback here. You can receive extra income just by referring to the Aunite Group's service. Multiple levels of the affiliate program help you receive bonuses even for the deals of users referred to our service by your acquaintances and friends.

The map of discounts is expanded as much as possible

Often, companies lure users with cashback and discounts but provide them only for purchases in a small number of unpopular stores. Sometimes they limit cashback only to the goods and services that you are simply not interested in.

Users of our service do not need to spend time looking for benefits: they enjoy discounts with 800 online stores and 12000 companies. With the Aunite Group, you can buy a tour trip abroad, order a blanket in an online store, wash a car, have lunch at a cafe - and get a cashback for each of these purchases. We help to find discounts on what you need right now, and never keep you waiting for a good moment!

Cashback on mobile communication

What is your monthly payment for the use of mobile communication? Many of us still treat it as the cost to pay and do not try to return some of the money spent. With us, you can use the usual high-quality mobile communication on favorable terms and get cashback!

Branded bank cards

The AutoCashBack cards offer increased discounts and cashback for purchases as their benefits. The discounts are received from our partners. Besides, we offer zero-fee deposit and withdrawal, charging you with 3% per annum on the balance. This is just like a regular card, but at the same time, you get extra benefits.

Proprietary blockchain

The Aunite Group is a decentralized marketplace platform, where the blockchain helps ensure maximum security and reliability for each user. Through this technology, you can receive cashback paid in digital currency, for example, by AUNIT tokens, use them for payment or convert to any convenient currency of the world.

In 2018, we achieved a lot, but we are not going to stop there. The Aunite Group Yevgeny Schelkonogov is sharing the plans of future growth:
“In the near future, we plan to develop the two main directions. The first is to enhance the service so that our users can receive even more discounts and special offers. The second is the expansion and growth of the company in the CIS and Europe. We already have hundreds of partners in these countries, and in the future, their number will increase several times. ”

Sincerely yours,
Aunite Group team.
* Best by the version of an independent web portal Information is in effect at the time of publishing.

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