AUNIT is expanding its operation area!

Dear users of the website,

Do you know what makes AUNIT different from most tokens? While most cryptocurrencies can only be used for trading, you can use AUNIT in growing number of aspects in your everyday life. Very soon, you will be able to pay for the Aunite Telecom mobile service and purchases in the "Academy of Beauty and Health" with our token!

Despite the crypto boom, ordinary buyers still experience difficulties in the everyday use of digital tokens. Even Bitcoin, the most popular coin in the world, is still accepted by only 14000 stores and entities throughout the world. This figure may seem impressive but not when we look at the location map of these stores in various countries, especially in Russia.

The most influential interactive map,, says that in Moscow you can only pay with BTC in 60 organizations. You'll hardly find 5 - 10 points in other mega cities where you can buy goods or services with crypto. Most of them include software stores, games or components for computers. Some online stores that accept crypto are selling highly specialized products, which we buy not every day.

Making it possible to pay for Aunite Telecom mobile communications and products of the Academy of Beauty and Health with AUNIT is indeed a ground-breaking step. Our crypto will be one of the few ones that can be used to pay for services and consumer goods!

As of today, we already accept AUNIT as a tuition fee at out Corporate University. In the near future, we are planning to enable payments for the travel direction and our other projects by Aunit. This way, our service will be fully transferred to settlement via AUNIT in the foreseeable future.

We believe that expansion of our operation area makes sure our token gains high popularity and great future. If you don't have AUNIT yet, join now as long as our tokens are available for free!

Sincerely yours,
Aunite Group team.

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