Aunit review as of Nov 18: still buying around the support at 0.0300

Hi! I’d like to start this review telling about the last day of global shopping. For traders and investors working with the Aunit token, it is also the day when the company’s brand and, as a result, the Aunit token are being advertised. Since the company directly deals with discounts, its offers became good news for many those wishing to do better on their purchases. This also means more support for the Aunit token.
Also, do not forget that the Aunit-Rally 2019 is still on. Today, another round of the second stage of the contest will take place with 10000 Aunit tokens being drawn between three random participants of the campaign. The show will be broadcasted live on YouTube’; you can find more information on the company’s website. Small support for the token is possible as more participants are joining the campaign.

Aunit vs USD analysis

The situation around the Aunit/USD instrument remains stable. This cryptocurrency pair is trading around the support area ​​0.03. A narrow range 0.03 — 0.0286 can also be indicated there. So far, we can discern the double bottom under the support 0.03. If the double bottom starts to be shaped and returns to 0.03, then it gets a false breakthrough of support, which can incentivize a new bullish trend. Of course, there are small local resistance points on the chart, but they are unlikely to prevent the rate from moving to 0.04 area. As a matter of fact, this mark is the first important goal on the way to a new bullish trend. A breakthrough of resistance 0.04, if it happens, will bring the price to ​​0.05. You need to be prepared for this movement in order not to miss it.


Another point to be considered is the ongoing correction that is slowing down. Support of the correction is based at 0.03. If now the price is not able to get consolidated below this level of support, then we can also talk about the weakness of bears, who stumble at 0.03. Therefore, my recommendation remains the same: buy the token around 0.03 plus putting a few pending positions below, as long as the rate takes to prick support.

Aunit vs BTC analysis

So far, the situation on this cryptocurrency pair does not encourage to enter from the market. However, this does not mean that we can not trade here. Strong support 0.00000200 is near the current rate. So, we can put the first buy order there. However, there is no guarantee that the rate will go back to this support before it moves up. So, you can buy tokens in small volumes both from the market and at higher levels in order not to miss a chance upon a sudden bullish trend. Given the uncertainty around bitcoin, this trend can occur suddenly at any time.


Next, let us speak a little about the goals. If there is no very strong trend, then the goals in a calm bull market are based at the levels of 0.00000400 and 0.00000500. There are several more interesting goals, for example, 0.00000750, 0.00000900, 0.00001400, but we are unlikely to reach them before the next review is ready.

Aunit vs. ETH analysis

Very thin trading volumes are still present on this instrument. However , it does not exclude the possibility of technical analysis. The latest move around ​​0.000275 proves this point. So, you can work on a cryptocurrency pair, but take pending. If you are an investor, now is a good time to buy Aunit token, including the pair with Ethereum.


The last trades took place in the middle of the range. If you’d like have entrance with a better profit, place pending orders at ​​0.000100. However, if you just do not want to miss chanced upon a trend, divide your purchases into pending orders being place at 0.000100 and the purchases made from the market.

I wish good luck to everyone, bye.

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