Aunit token’s review as of Sep 16: buy on a bounce

Hello to everyone,
Let me start from the top news, which is, of course, about the Aunit-Rally contest. On September 16 at midnight this competition has been finished. In total, 159 people took part in it with the total amount of Aunit tokens purchased and being Held exceeding 2.6 million.

On Sep 17 the corporation will run the webinar where all winners will be announced, as well as the first results of the Rally. At this point, it’s difficult to say how the rally impacts on the token in the near future, as the market is often irrational after such events. On the one hand, the success of a large-scale campaign is a great plus and enhances the trust in the company. On the other hand, participants can start withdrawing coins from the exchange and this will put Aunit token under pressure.
And another news, which has already become regular: more stores and services were added the last week. The stores’ offer range from cosmetics and jewelry to construction bidding. So, the company continues to grow and enables traders and investors to earn money using the Aunit token.

Aunit vs USD analysis

Now we have great buying options for the token. A rebound from support has been formed around 0.0250 — 0.03. Certainly, the current bounce is different from the previous one, which made an almost perfect double bottom, but you can close your eyes to them given that the token is oversold.

Now I’ll detail on the situation a little more. There is a certain correction, which coincides with the previous correction, after which there was a trend to ​​0.05, but there is no such a beautiful double bottom or an inverted head with shoulders. You may decide to wait when such a figure is formed risking to stay out of the market with a new trend that has a work out potential at 0.07 –0.08. Very careful traders can be advised to buy on breakout of resistance 0.0315. If you definitely want to get into a trend, buy now from the market getting your buy orders as part of the planned volume. Another part can be left for the breakthrough of 0.0315 and the third part — for a rollback to the support 0.0240. Thus, we have three points where you can buy a token. Of course, if you did not have time to buy a token at 0.03, it makes sense to buy it at 0.04 in order to go to 0.05. The profit will be less significant, but it will be. As for the trend being based at 0.07 — 0.08, we are watching the correction around 0.05 — 0.0540.

Aunit vs BTC analysis

We also observe an interesting situation for this pair. The rates are based on the support area, the pair rarely attends the area below 0.00000200. Therefore, recommendations on the strategy will be as follows: we buy a pair with the target of 0.00001400. This is a very ambitious goal, and if you need more modest and faster goals, they will find them at resistances of 0.00000500, 0.00000750, and 0.00000850. You can buy from the market or place a pending Buy order around 0.00000200. There are no other Buy levels for purchase. If you did not enter on time, enter the market up to 0.00000400. The next Buying opportunity will be provided on a breakthrough of correction around ​​0.00000550.

Aunit vs. ETH analysis

The third instrument including the Aunit token is also based in a good position for purchases. However, we remember the low volumes and monitor the spread. It is better to work with pending Buy orders on this tool. Now they can be set close to the support0.000100, namely at 0.000130, 0.000100, and 0.000080. You can pur orders below, just for a for good luck: such situations are however seldom, but give very good profits.

P.S. I wish everyone successful trading and investing.

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