Review of the Aunit token: a correctional rollback is still on

Before I move on with the technical review, I’ll share fundamental news about the token as I usually do. The first important news is the promotion of the Aunit token as a means of payment. The next step in this direction is the possibility to convert a token to Russian rubles and back (one can do so in the personal area of a partner). Now, if you have no desire to spend the time trying to catch the best price on the exchange, you can quickly buy the token and apply it. As for me, the news is interesting, and the service is useful.

The second news is about “Aunit-Rally 2019”. Now it’s much easier to get prizes in the competition — this fact can attract even more participants and, as a result, provide support to the token.
Another interesting news is the increase in the cashback rate. Though this was the last week’s campaign, being a regular one, this campaign is able to boost the number of customers and partners of the corporation, as well as the demand for the token. It will result in strengthening of the token.

Aunit vs USD analysis

The technical situation on the token is developing around the support area ​​0.05. Now it is important to determine whether the token will return to the previous channel 0.04 — 0.06, or the price will rebound from the support 0.05 with a subsequent beginning of the new trend or a return to the last High. At the time I was writing this review, the token is being traded in the support area, as I’ve already specified above. So, we are to wait for the correction to the local bearish trend. This correction represent the stop around 0.05, is forming the flag first. Correction of this flag can be shaped as a reversing double bottom, wherein you can buy on a breakthrough of the resistance of this reversal piece. In the case of a triangle, the situation is a bit more complicated. On the one hand, the price may reach 0.04, and on the other hand, the triangle may turn into the channel, followed by a rebound from the support 0.05.
Anyway, the current situation is very interesting and developing around the support level 0.05, which in turn is based in the middle of the old channel 0.04 — 0.06.

Aunit vs. BTC analysis

Firstly, this trading tool has recently provided a great opportunity to buy Aunit token at a very competitive price: around 0.00000200, but this opportunity has gone. Now the pair is being traded at 0.00000550 and, given the rapid upward pullback, which shows the lack of desire to go down. Therefore, we can expect a breakthrough of resistance 0.00000550 and movement towards 0.00000770. If the current resistance 0.00000550 is broken, the next goal of breaking through would be resistance 0.00000770.
A new stronger uptrend is possible, but it will be worth considering when the price reaches the resistance 0.00000770.

Aunit vs. ETH analysis

There is also an excellent situation for trade with the pair Ethereum/Aunit token. The rate fell to 0.000140, so now you can begin to buy Aunit for Ethereum, because a low price is an extremely rare case. However, the rollback may take even lower, therefore, it makes sense to put a series of orders to catch the most promising price.

In the end, let me wish all of you successful trading and investing.

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