Review as of Aug 12: Aunit token is to face a new area of support

The issuing company remains to be the source of positive news. One of such reports is new partnership agreements concluded with many online stores. Among these new opportunities is the work with popular McAfee software. The entire list of new partners can be found on the Aunite Group website.

Another interesting news, which drives the Aunit token rate is the ongoing Aunit-Rally. According to the most recent information, the opportunity for the draw of iPhone X is about to open. To achieve this, participants need to take the bar in 75 million tokens. We can conclude our foreword by stating the following fact: the company continues an active expansion.

Aunit vs USD analysis

The review should begin with the fact that the correction in the market is still on, although we are receiving a stream of positive news. As it is often said, market is a market and always positive news is not always accompanied by a bullish trend.

Putting the philosophy aside and moving on to a purely technical aspect, we should note that the price has approached a well expressed support area— located between 0.0350 and 0.0300. In my opinion, the support level of 0.0350 is noteworthy. Market takes it as support not only at the bottom, but also at the top. This trend has been formed from June 26 to July 16, with the end being outlined around the resistance area ​​0.07. At that point, a figure resembling a head with shoulders has been formed there. This figure was targeting 0.0350. Having added support from the previous Lows 0.0350 to this figure, we get a beautiful technical picture along with high probability of a rebound from support 0.0350 - 0.0300.

Of course, if you are not active and tie your activity purely to the patterns, then take the time to wait when reversal pattern is formed. No matter how beautiful the technical picture is, no one can guarantee a rebound from a certain level.

If you are working with a portfolio and averaging techniques, you can safely put Buy orders between 0.0350 and 0.0300 prior to the formation and development of the reversal pattern. Even if you read this review when a reversal double bottom or an inversed head with shoulders are being formed around the support area ​​0.035 – 0.0300, I still recommend you putting Buy orders at this support zone, because a reversal can follow triangular or expanding correction.

Thus, we can summarize the review of the Aunit token against the US dollar in this way: market gives a good price as well as a good entry opportunity. If you work with patterns, then wait when reversal pattern starts to unfold. However, in the last case, you take the risk to stay out of the market if it fails to get formed. If you are an investor, you see a price that may no longer repeat itself. No matter what your trading strategy is, my recommendation would be the same (as long as the token is oversold): buy and in no way do not perform sales (the rate is on the marginal level).

Aunit vs BTC analysis

This pair provides great opportunity for investors as well. Aunit against Bitcoin is being traded around the ​​strong support. At the time I am writing this review, you can buy a pair, but not the whole “batch”, of course, because it can fall even lower for a short moment. However, at the same time it can bounce from 0.00000300 and go to 0.00001300. I see current support as very strong, but history remembers breakthroughs of this support line in the recent past. Therefore, there is a dilemma between waiting for a reversal model and waiting when such a situation happens in the future. Therefore, the best option, in my opinion, will be a partial purchase around 0.00000300 – 0.00000350 and placing pending buy orders at 0.00000200 and 0.00000070. Of course, it’s not necessarily that the price would go there. However, it can reach these points for a short period of time, which could be a great opportunity for us.

Aunit vs. ETH analysis

Well, this is the best cryptocurrency pair for quick money. There is a possibility that for certain time the price can go beneath the support 0.000100, which opens up opportunities for very quick money. Let me remind that solely pending orders will do here. Do not hesitate to place orders below 0.000050 — 0.000020. It is possible that the price would not go there, but if the recent story repeats itself, you can earn a lot of coins within in a very short period of time.

As usual, I am wishing everyone of you successful in trading and investing.

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