AUNIT REVIEW: will the price update Highs?

In the foreword to my technical review, I would like to remind you of the corporate Unity Day’s celebration. That day, the Aunite Group Corporation run an online conference where everyone participating learned about the most recent news of the company, its achievements and coming plans. As always, the motivation’s aspect is very important: at the conference, partners shared their success stories. This news is not directly connected to the Aunit rate, but feedback is important for any company. So, we can see the corporation is moving forward, inspires positive investors and this final effect has a direct impact on the token rate.

The main news we wrote last week about was the start of the “Aunit Rally 2019”. In accordance with the contest rules, you are to buy from 1000 Aunit tokens on the BTC-Alpha exchange and keep this balance on your account until the end of the competition. The more aggregate number of positions, the better the prizes. This contest will provide the token with the maximum support as its final part is coming, so, I’d recommend you buying tokens at this point in order to save. 

Aunit vs USD analysis

I’d like to make further comments with regard to the technical side. Here is a positive news for both investors and bull traders: the head and shoulder figure is no longer expected neither as strong downward pullbacks. The second point is the work of horizontal support 0.06. Meanwhile, the token is based around ​​resistance of the old channel 0.04 – 0.06. However, the delay in the area of ​​resistance is needed so that players could get used to the current rates, which actually happens. Right now a double bottom is being drafted with support in the upper part of the channel - 0.06. 

If the double bottom is completed within the current borders, breakthrough of the local resistance 0.0689 would be a good buy signal. Swipe of the pattern allows the price to update the local High 0.0724, wherein the title of this review justifies itself. When working out the double bottom, the token breaks through the last local High and reaches precisely the old High 0.0782. The update is small, but if it takes place with the quotes being stopped at the ​​resistance 0.0782, then it will be possible to catch a new breakthrough and reach 0.0889. However, given the fact of the ongoing contest and small trading volumes, the upward movement can be very fast, without corrections and much higher than the resistance 0.08, but this would be a different story about pump.

Aunit vs. BTC analysis

Here is very interesting and promising situation on the Aunit token against Bitcoin . The orange resistance is almost irrelevant, I drew it in order to see the head turned upside down. Now the second shoulder is drawn, and a breakthrough of the neckline means a breakthrough of resistance around 0.00000750. You can enter either on the current breakout of the rate, or wait for the flag and enter on the breakthrough of its correction. This possibility is very interesting and if it takes place, most likely, it will pull the growth of the token against the US dollar and, as a result, the rate takes above the resistance 0.0782. The goal for this pair would be 0.00001200.

Aunit vs. ETH analysis

Well, the most interesting pair containing the Aunit token is Aunit against Ethereum. At the moment, after having broken through the resistance 0.000250, the rate is within the flat trend. Now we the rate is at the support of the channel or the broken resistance and it’s time to buy a pair. For some time, the rate will hesitate between 0.000282 and 0.000430. Of course, we work with pending orders here.

Wishing all of you successful trading and investing.

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