Review of the Aunit token April 26

Hello, I’ll start with a positive factor: the Aunit corporation has started its cooperation with the largest trading platform Alibaba. Starting now, the company’s customers have the opportunity to buy products for their business directly from suppliers at competitive prices and return some of the costs in the form of cashback. This news is absolutely great for all the parties being involved, including those who invest in Aunit. The last week, new partner stores joined the Alibaba website, which also contributes to the convenience of the Aunit’s service. 
Another positive factor is the upcoming anniversary of the corporation: a month later, Aunite Group is celebrating its 5-years’ anniversary. Many events are planned in this regard. They will take place in the city of Sochi, Russia and vary from the educational to entertaining ones. Of course, such long and successful record gives an extra support to the token.
However, the best recent news for traders was surely the growth of the Aunit token. Let me congratulate everyone who earned thanks to my reviews. The maximum rate has hit 0.077, and the chart looked like a green “thread”. The further rollback indicates that some players have closed their long positions. Meanwhile, they are analyzing the situation and will make further decisions based on it. Let us turn to the same analysis.
Aunit vs USD analysis:

So, we’ve switched to the technical analysis of the Aunit token against the US dollar. As described above, the rates have rolled back, which means that some players have closed their Buy orders. The next resistance level will be the one, from which a new wave of “re-purchase” will take place. At the moment the price has hit the area which it had not touched for a very long time: we will witness how it reacts to the new information background and act accordingly. Currently, the ongoing active bull trend is not hindered, which has been going on for the second in run.

Aunit vs. BTC analysis.

The situation featuring the Aunit token against Bitcoin differs from the above picture. If we saw a classic rollback made by the previous pair, which has not yet been covered yet, the situation here is different. The rollback, of course, did also take place here, but it was brief and immediately bought out. The current resistance is 0.00001400, but it has not yet been confirmed. If the price stops here it may, however, move up later. You can watch this resistance. If you see several bounces off it, it can perform as a reliable Buy signal.
Aunit vs. ETH analysis.

It is the best pair for pending orders. It shows a very good performance for them. In the previous review, we referred to the point 0.000100. Those who bought at that point, received the opportunity to close order with more than 600 percent of the profits. Now there are two points for rollback. The first is at 0.000250, whereas the second is around 0.000100. In both places it makes sense to hold a Buy order anticipating the return of price.
Thus, the situation around the AUNIT token continues to evolve in a positive manner.

Wishing lucky trading to all of you,

See you!

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