Review of the Aunit token as of 27 Aug: a new rally


Before I start my regular technical review, let me comment on the company’s news that took place the past week.

First, this is an already finishing seminar of the company in Moscow, which was held on August 25 – 26. The seminar gave everyone participating a chance to talk with the leaders of the Aunite Group Corporation and other like-minded people, as well as the opportunity to learn first-hand about the nearest plans and outlook of the company.

I’d also like to mention a small competition for users of the Wulet application. Participants can receive iPhone X and other valuable prizes as awards. The competition is on until September 21.

As always, the past week the company had presented new discounts, promotions, and brought new partners. This has already become a good tradition that we are all used to.

Do not forget that AUNIT-RALLY is still on and as long as it is running it will support the token rate due to the activity of participants.

Aunit vs USD analysis

Next, I’ll consider the technical situation on the Aunit token against the US dollar. I congratulate everyone who followed my tips: there are hopes that the rally will continue and the optimistic first goal is around 0.07.

Events around the token are developing on the three levels. Of course, they include intermediate ones, but they are not important for the current trend. It is primarily about the levels 0.0270, 0.04 — 0.0430, and 0.07. The last event occurred right when I was writing my previous review, recommending to buy a token. At the moment, such a good chance has already gone. Further, in the near future, the price will test resistance 0.04 — 0.0430. After the breakthrough of resistance, it will move even higher up and most likely there will be a rapid increase by 0.07.

The alternative option is rather similar to the previous one and implies an uptrend followed by a small pullback. Both options do not contradict with each other. The current situation implies a need to share our resources into several transactions. The first transaction is carried out around 0.04 — 0.0430. We leave one more part for a corrective rollback and the other part for the case of the flag around the resistance ​​0.0400 — 0.0430 is built and broken. If you work as an investor, then it’s time to buy the token at any price, because now it is heavily oversold.

More cautious speculators are to wait for a downward pullback with the double bottom pattern being built beneath 0.04 level in order to enter the market. This option is possible, but it may not take place. In this situation, there is a risk of being left out of work again. An alternative option could be just monitoring the possibility of the flag, which is the fastest option to continue further upward movement.

Aunit vs BTC analysis

A rather similar situation is developing for this cryptocurrency pair. It also involves three lines, the difference is only in a slight lag in the rate. At the moment, the market is approaching the center of the range: 0.00000450 — 0.00000400. The picture will become completely similar if resistance is broken: the rally will continue and the first goal for it will be around the High 0.00000750. You can go there through the flag around the average level 0.00000450 or after a rebound from this level. As the rate is testing the resistance 0.00000450, you are to elaborate a plan for further development of the situation.

Since the current rate shows the same dynamics as the previous pair (AUNIT/USD) does, the recommendations on your tactics are in general similar here. 

Aunit vs. ETH analysis

The Aunit token against Ethereum is being traded at the rollback stage. The rate has not reached the center and rolled back almost completely. There may be a chance to buy the pair ​​0.000110, so I’d recommend you reserving a small amount to buy there. Since the price has bounced or not reached the resistance 0.000230, we are to work from the support of 0.000110 in any case.

P.S. I am wishing all of you successful trading and investing.

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