Review of the Aunit token as of Feb 17: buying at 0.02

Hi, before I am starting the analysis, let me recall interesting events and news of the company that took place last week. During the last week, customers could benefit from the promo offering an extra cashback for goods from the “Electronics and Home Appliances” section. The list of stores that participated in this promotion included such bright names as the famous Eldorado store. In addition, an interesting project was launched: namely, the Crazy Weekend Fest. Taking this advantage, you could get an extra cashback for “Online Services”, when buying online training courses, airline tickets and tours, everyday goods from the supermarket, pet supplies and much more! The promotion will last until Feb 24. Now let’s get straight to the analysis.

Aunit vs USD analysis

An interesting technical situation has evolved around the chart of the Aunit token against the US dollar. I described the flat channels in the previous article; here I’ll touch them only in a superficial manner. An interesting point is the last rollback to the support of 0.02 — 0.021. If we take into account the latest trend from resistance 0.0240 to support 0.0200, then, the double bottom is probably being built here for the bearish trend. This double bottom takes half the trend. Therefore, it will not be easy to use it for trading. Adding the small size of the trend itself, the technical use of this figure is complicated. However, the presence of a reversal pattern may become the starting point for higher goals, starting at 0.0260, and further at 0.0500.


Above I described a general picture of what is happening and one of the possible scenarios. As for real trading, points 0.0200 – 0.0210 are good for purchases, on condition you manage to enter at a given price. It is possible to try to buy at a more interesting rate, below 0.0200. To do so, you need to put a pending order to buy in the appropriate place.
Taking into account rather vague fluctuations, it makes sense to partially go to the first target 0.0240. While the situation is developing quite well and upward movement most likely will not stop at 0.0240. With reversal models and channels beginning to occur, you can find your point around 0.0300. After moving to 0.0300 it will be necessary to watch the picture inside the day. We should not forget that 0.0300 is the center of the flat correction with the upper border around 0.0380, although it can get to the level of 0.0500. These goals can be discussed later, when we touch the resistance 0.0300.

Aunit vs BTC analysis

A similar situation is developing for the Aunit token paired against Bitcoin. Liquidity makes t he difference here. Therefore, the movement is less active. Nevertheless, it is clear that the pair is in the area of ​​strong support 0.00000200. Thus, it’s time to buy for those if you have not done this yet or are hesitating. The nearest goal here is in the resistance area ​​0.00000300. It means you can easily take 50% of the profit on transactions. For example, to reach the same profit on Bitcoin, that pair would need to get to 15.000, which is less likely than movement of AUNIT/BTC to the resistance area ​​0.00000300.
A small dip down is probable. Therefore, it makes sense to set pending purchases below 0.00000200.


Besides the goals 0.00000300 there are such goals as 0.00000450 and 0.00000550, and higher. However, these goals will be discussed in the following reviews.

Thus, we now have a favorable situation for buying Aunit tokens for both dollars and bitcoins.

Good luck to everyone, bye!

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