Review of the Aunit token as of Nov 25:A time to gather stones

Hi! The last week provided my readers with the opportunity to make good money on an uptrend. I will detail on it later. Now, by tradition, I will start with news related to the company’s activities. From now on, the Aunit Group’s customers can receive 40% discount on cruises from partners of the company, whereas active participants are even eligible for free tours. Details can be found at https://tourism.aunite.com/.

Let’s turn to an already passed event: the giveaway of 10000 Aunit tokens within the frames of the Aunit Rally 2019. The drawing took place the last Monday, giving tokens to three winners. Also on Monday, you could buy tokens at a very favorable price on the Alpha BTC exchange. If you did this, today you must be reading this article in a good mood. At the same time, the trading volume of the Aunit token exceeded 150 million milestone making all the Rally’s participants eligible for receiving the main prize — Apple MacBook Pro. Let me remind you that the main draw will take place on December 11 at the Aunit Group’s Forum, which will be held in Moscow.

Another competition — the Wulet app’s campaign — is also nearing the end. Let me remind you that according to the terms of the competition, 2 out of 26 winners will receive iPhoneX, whereas extra 3 prize places will receive promotional codes for the premium account with the Wulet application.
These news are unlikely to directly impact on the token’s rate. However, they prove positive business activity, which supports the token.

Aunit vs USD analysis

As the flow of positive news is reach, the Aunit token has exited its short flat trend and reached its first local target around ​​0.0360. The goal is important only for some intra-day point, so it is shown by a dashed line. However, it is on place and can become a spot for a rebound.
A more interesting target is at the level 0.0400, there is the last local High. When the price stops at ​​0.0400 we get the corridor 0.03 — 0.04.

25.11 - обзор.png

The current situation is as follows: the cryptocurrency pair has stopped at local resistance with the trend’s slowdown being obvious. So, resistance 0.0360 should not be ignored. While the best Buy price was 0.03, the next good rate would be 0.04: on condition the price breaks through the resistance.
As for the local level 0.0360, you can buy on a breakthrough of this level, but with the goal of 0.04. This is an idea for pipsers, but with the risk of a rollback to 0.03. If you decided to buy a token from the market now being a medium-term trader or investor, this idea is definitely good, because the token is oversold. But if your goal is to make a quick trade, then, entering the market is either late or early.

Aunit vs BTC analysis

The Aunit token against Bitcoin has performed in an interesting way. Since the price of Bitcoin against the US dollar has dropped, the pair has reached to the target 0.00000500 earlier than expected. With Bitcoin priced at $10,000 against the Aunit token, it went the same against the US dollar and Bitcoin, only with the number of zeros after the decimal point being different. Now, Aunit token is outstripping Bitcoin suggesting one thing: for some players, the Aunit token has become a haven where they hide from the falling Bitcoin price. This is neither good nor bad — it only shows that the market is working and correlation schemes are beginning to improve.

25.11 - обзор1.png

As for the given cryptocurrency pair, it is now based at the resistance of 0.00000500. If this resistance is broken, you can buy the pair targeting​​0.00000750 and for the given purpose there is also the rate 0.00000900. There are, of course, other goals, but it makes sense to talk about them as the price is getting closer to 0.00000750.

Aunit vs. ETH analysis

25.11 - обзор2.png

Unfortunately, there are practically no volumes on this cryptocurrency instrument. It makes a vicious circle: you can trade pending orders here, but to make the market run you need to trade from the market. Alas, an interesting tool, but there is no activity record on it. If you wants to trade with this cryptocurrency pair, keep buy orders around ​​0.000100. At the time of writing, the nearest Buy price is at the resistance 0.000273. Only investors and traders with the medium-term goals can work from the market in such conditions. However, there is one positive point: the orders are around technical resistance — this means that there are traders with this pair.

Good luck to everyone, bye.

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