Review of the Aunit token as of Oct 28: support 0.0210 consolidated

Let me start the review with good news for the fans of crypto trading. The last week, three tutorials “Becoming a cryptotrader in 60 days” were drawn. These prizes were gain by the winners of the 2nd stage of the II round of the Aunit-Rally 2019. This was not the last drawing game: we are waiting for more games and prizes to come.
Here is another news story about an already passed event. However, this news speaks loud about the company’s activity: last week, there was a promo campaign offering an extra cashback in some stores. This campaign supports the overall positive background.
In addition, several dozen of new partner companies abroad joined the corporation the last week. This is one more proof on an ongoing development of the company which in turn has a positive impact on the Aunit token. Now let’s move on to the technical side of the issue.

Aunit vs USD analysis

Perhaps the technical part of the review should be started with the Sunday’s event, in particular, a strong increase in trading volumes. It is an interesting situation: this kind of a jump in trading volumes in the direction of sales. It means a strong pressure being put on the token exchange rate, however, this did not affect the rate. The token is being traded within a narrow range in the support area of ​​0.0210. Boosted sales did not make the rate leave the range. This suggests having a well expressed interest of buyers around the support area of ​​0.0210. Actually, the title of my review points to consolidation of this support.


Assuming we can ignore shadows, there is a reversal pattern emerging, which would enable a breakthrough of support of 0.0210 and make the price go to the bottoms of 0.0180. Actually, Sunday’s increase in trading volume was apparently related to this scenario. However, this did not take place on Sunday. It is an open question where it is for better or worse. Many would love to buy a token at 0.0180 and sell it at 0.0210. Another part of the players include investors waiting for the growth that may follow unsuccessful attempts of bears to push the support of 0.0210.
As for the goals for those traders who are engaged in pipsing, they remain the same in 0.0310 and 0.0550.

Aunit vs BTC analysis

As for this cryptocurrency pair, it shows support at 0.00000200 and trend resistance. The trend line is drawn along the last two Highs, but the previous High does not fit well on it. This situation may continue and in this case, the current trend resistance will be broken, and given the angle, the rate may get into some kind of flat trend.


The situation on this pair is characterized by low trading volumes, which fell sharply in mid-July and still have not recovered. You should trade here with pending orders. The tactic is simple: we buy at 0.00000200 and exit the trend resistance.

Aunit vs. ETH analysis

The situation with volumes on this instrument is not better than with the previous pair, so the situation with trading tactics is similar — you should work with pending orders.


As for the technical analysis, the rates are based in the support area of ​​0.000100 — 0.000110. It makes sense to buy a token here with pending orders, as indicated above. You can certainly make a trade from the market, but at the time of writing, the nearest rate found on buying was based in the middle of the trading range. The immediate target for taking profit is around ​​0.000230.

Good luck to everyone, bye!

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