Review of the Aunit token: Buy after pump

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The cryptocurrency market is in good condition. As for Aunit, it has also allowed to profit to both traders and investors. By tradition, I am going start my review with the fundamental factors.
The main message of not only this week, but also for the last time is certainly the data on our token being reported by CoinMarketCap platform. According to CMC, the daily trading volume of the Aunit token as of June 26 made $388000, which is by 20 times bigger than the average daily volume! Incredible growth of the token on June 26 at the rate of 350% boosted this volume.
Of course, the Aunite Group is still in line with its development plans: several dozen of partner stores joined the network the past week - many of these stores have international status.

Aunit vs USD analysis
First, I am congratulating all those who along with me made good profit on the recent growth of the Aunit token recorded against the US dollar. Now let’s consider the situation from the technical point of view. That day is described above and its trading data is also mentioned by CoinMarketCap. This is a good trend not to mention that the Aunite Group company has been actively developing for several years. Aunit is gradually taking its share of the cryptocurrency portfolio.

The situation on the chart encourages investors to buy the token from the market or on pullbacks, the closest of which is at 0.04. Traders and speculators still can buy the asset from the market, but you also need to plan a Buy order once there is a pullback to 0.04.
As for the goals for a partial exit position (please mind that you should always exit partially: only a few people expected pump the last week), its goals can be at 0.06, 0.077 and 0.088. The point 0.056 is too close to the current price. If you entered the market at around 0.04, then it makes sense to partially exit to 0.056. Otherwise, it is better to wait for a breakthrough to 0.06 or a rollback to 0.04, whereupon you can exit to 0.056.
Aunit vs. BTC analysis

Aunit has also pumped well against Bitcoin. At the moment there is a correction, which shape resembles a double bottom. The price seems to attempt to break through the resistance of this double bottom. There is still a good Buy option. If the price moves along the double bottom, then it hits the peak point of this very pump. As for the price goals of this double bottom, it falls to 0.00000600. However, on return to the range of 0.00000400–0.00000700, you’ll be able to work on the resistance of this range. If we stop at the correction, then we should consider a breakthrough of resistance. Should the price roll back down, then we remain within the range ..400 — .. 700 and work inside this range.
Aunit vs. ETH analysis

Perhaps one of the most interesting tools pairing with the Aunit token. The instrument’s volatility makes almost no difference over time, but it provides interesting options for making profits. One of the recent events that allowed to make more than 300% profit were a rollback to 0.000055 and a return above 0.000170, more than 300% of profit on one movement made within one day.
To take advantage of this opportunity, it is enough to put several orders below 0.000080.
Break through resistance of 0.000240 will trigger another type of trading. Given the low volume on this instrument, a breakthrough can take place quickly. In this case, the pair will return to the channel 0.000240–0,000400, so, the goal after a breakthrough will be placed around 0.000400.
Let me wish all of you successful trading and investing in the end.

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