Aunit: expecting the pump

The first one is directly related to development of the Aunite Group, and therefore, outlook for the Aunit token. The company made the cashback contracts with more than 25 stores. All these agreements were made within just last 5 days. So, we see that the company is still expanding its extensive network of partners. Good news about the issuing company are always positive for its assets: in our case, it is the Aunit token.

Besides, don’t forget about a large-scale AliExpress campaign: sales at that big stores always promote cashback.
The second news is related to the growth of Bitcoin. Bitcoin has recently tested resistance $11000: we haven’t seen the major cryptocurrency that high for a long time. Positive background around Bitcoin always supports the rest digital assets, boosting the entire industry.
Therefore, some argue that the crypto winter is over, which means that we can expect new pumps. Of course, these pumps will touch highly oversold assets, including the Aunit token. At the moment, the situation welcomes purchases of the Aunit token.
Aunit vs USD analysis

From a technical point of view, the entry options are excellent for both investors and traders. If investors can simply buy the token at around 0.04 and hold further, anticipating a strong growth, there are several interesting options for traders being left. Buying at 0.04 or lower is a relevant recommendation for both options. Furthermore, there are several goals for traders, where you can partially exit and take profit, anticipating a rollback as well as the opportunity to repeat a trade. I would not recommend exiting the Aunit token completely: the background around the entire cryptocurrency market and the Aunit token in particular is too promising. It may happen that you’ll no longer see the current prices, however.

As for the partial exit point sought by “speculators”, they lay at 0.05 and 0.06. My recommendation is that your exit position should not exceed the half of your entry one. If someone is interested in my strategy: I work with a quarter of the deposit, the rest pertains to the asset balance: just because I bought tokens at as low as 0.015.
So, speculators have a simple but effective strategy: buy at 0.04 or lower and sell the quarter at 0.05 and the quarter at 0.06. In this case, we remain in the market for the coming pump and take profit. Besides, we preserve an opportunity to buy even more tokens on a repeated rollback to 0.04. The approximate profit for the capital engaged to the range 0.04–0.05 makes about 20–25%. As for the range 0.04–0.06, it would make 50%. In the event of a profit, the pump outlook goes to the moon whereas there is no place to fall. That’s why I love this asset: there is the potential for huge growth, there is the potential for small speculations, and there is no collapse potential.

I can add a little more on Bitcoin: Aunit can be one of the coins where people are leaving to in order to wait when Bitcoin’s correction is over. Therefore, this fact can support the next instrument in question.
Aunit vs. BTC analysis

The “Aunit against Bitcoin” pair is under pressure, which is natural. Now Bitcoin has a good positive background and many want to jump into this coin. But the market does not always grow, corrections happen and speculators are trying to exit somewhere and wait when the correction is over. If you use the Aunit token for these purposes, then you can earn, waiting for the correction. The token is also heavily oversold against Bitcoin.

A purely technical analysis shows that the temporarily finished growth of Bitcoin and support around 0.00000400 for the Aunit token allows us to search for a reversal model and buy the pair. However, a reversal pattern may not be shaped, or will appear at a very small frame. Therefore, if you do not want to stay out of the market, you may make a partial buy deal at the support ​​0.00000400 and wait for reversal patterns. A less likely but possible scenario is a rollback to the support 0.00000200. In this case, you need to have an order being based at ​​this level of support. Under a favorable scenario, it will be possible to take 100% just availing from a little noise.
Aunit vs. ETH analysis

Aunit Token against Ethereum is one of the best earning tools among the assets with low liquidity. The range of fluctuations and missed opportunities is just amazing. Now it is proven that we are to keep an order at 0.000020. The most frequently used levels now are the resistance 0.000234: the place to take profit from one third of the positions opened below, another one third can be closed around 0.000400 and 0.000600, respectively.
Wishing all of you successful trading and investing.

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