Review of the Aunit coin: one more time, we buy at 0.04

I am going to start this review with great news: the company has announced its road map for the 2 years. The company is expanding the everyday scope of application of the AUNIT which is also done through developing of its own mobile application. In addition, a large number of new technical tools will be introduced for partners and therefore enhance their performance.

Everyone would agree that a cryptocurrency must perform as a means of payment just like a currency. By making this function work in full, the company will ensure excellent support of the Aunit token not only from the part of traders and investors, but also from buyers of goods and services. Though this event can have a delayed effect the token’s value will add once this option starts working. So, make sure to buy the token and keep it for future.
Another important point of the plan is the launch of the company’s own exchange service. It will improve security of the token and fiat transactions.
The third news says that the connection between the client and customer service of the company has been improved.

Aunit vs USD analysis

For one more time, the rate is based at the support 0.04. In my previous review had contained buying recommendations, it did work except. However, the goals were a little bit missing. The goal 0.0470 was not described in my review because it had not seem to be promising. Nevertheless, it worked.

This time, there is no double bottom figure which ensures the main difference from the previous week. It’s clear that only a double bottom had worked out and so far the trend had not moved further. However, 100% test is not bad.
At the moment there are two factors. On the one hand, the support 0.04 is still working. On the other hand, the token is still oversold. The first factor makes it possible to search for a buy option either buy from the market. In the the first case, you need to take profit at 0.0500, whereas in the second case you can simply buy the token and keep it.
As for the other goals, they can be seen on the chart and based at 0.0550, 0.0630, and 0.0750. These goals are the Take Profit targets for speculators.
Aunit vs. BTC analysis

This situation is quite interesting. Apparently, a good uptrend is being formed, Aunit, by the way, is a good swap option for the Bitcoin holders.

Now the crypto currency pair is moving around 0.00000600. The other day, there was a slight upward rise, but volumes were quite moderate. Thus, the rate has rolled back to the support line.

At this point, you have a good Buy option. Probably, this review reiterates my previous recommendation which had partially worked, because the trend did not reach the lowest goal. If you work within the channel above the support 0.00000600, the target will be at 0.00000800. The opportunity to make such a trade is still here. The question is whether to wait for a false breakout of support 0.00000600 or to buy from the market at the support area. Both options are relevant, the option with a false breakthrough is less risky, but you can not enter the market if the bullish trend starts without this false breakout. Thus, the neutral option would include purchase of half of the position from the market, plus purchase of half of the position on a false break. This scheme would fit the short-term speculators, whereas investors will be satisfied only with purchases: all these were my ideas when the pair was at around 0.00000300 and there still the same now. Despite 100% rise in price of the asset, the token remains heavily oversold.
Aunit vs. ETH analysis

As I am writing this review, the Aunit token is growing against Ethereum. Looking a little forward, I can define two points to enter the market. 1. If the rollback repeats, you can wait when the crypto pair enters the support area ​​0.000190 and buy there. 2. Buy the pair at ​​the current first target 0.000300. Those who do not want to bother with pending orders, can buy a part of the transaction from the market at any time and fill the second part of a trading position on a pullback to 0.000190 or a breakthrough of resistance 0.000300.
The remaining goals for growth of the token are at 0.000400 and 0.000600.
Let me wish all of you successful trading and investing in the end.

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