A new roadmap was developed for the Aunite Group

At the celebration of Corporation anniversary in Sochi, Russia, the company's CEO has summed up the results of the first five-years' record of the company's business. He has also announced a renewed roadmap for 2019-2020. What innovations are coming for the Aunite Group partners and users?

Expansion of the AUNIT payment options

An important criterion for value of any crypto asset is its application possibilities in real life. In 2019, you will be able to get tokens for participation in an affiliate program, pay for the products of the Academy of Beauty and Health with tokens as well as to post ads on the “Bulletin Board” through paying with tokens.

Technical innovations

The ongoing development and enhancement of the platform will enable you to evaluate our new mobile application and payment widget very soon. Right now, an updated version of the aunite.com website is being prepared for launch. It provides a convenient navigation system as well as an intuitive interface. Launch of the corporations' own crypto exchange service is planned for the 4th quarter of 2019.

More benefits for a user

The implementation of APlay game mechanics and the Bonus reward system will make the Aunite Group platform even more profitable and convenient for each user. In the second half of 2019, we will conduct a large-scale exchange of loyalty cards.

Modern technology for partners

In the coming year, our partners will receive a full set of auto marketing tools: auto-recruiting systems, sales funnels, step-by-step tutorial with a self-test option.

Implementation of all the roadmap plans will be a new driver for the Corporation and powerful support backing the growing AUNIT token. If you have no tokens yet, now is the right time to buy them!


Best regards,

Aunite Group team

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