Review of the Aunite token: buy on a false breakthrough 0.04

Aunit vs USD analysis

Originally, I was hesitating between the two titles for the current review. They were: “we should buy on a false breakthrough” and “we should buy on a double bottom”. Since the double bottom is still not shaped very well, I stopped at the false breakthrough. However, not everything is as simple as it might seem at first glance.

As for the double bottom, it was very conditional. When moving up from the current position, the price would a rather clear and simple double bottom. At this point, still it does not look like that. On the other hand, the price can go down to one more Low and make a double bottom through this operation. This would be followed by an upward movement. Therefore, the situation with a double bottom is still not certain. 

As for the support 0.04, a false breakthrough has been formed which you can buy. This support was formed and confirmed at the end of April. It was followed by two false breakthroughs with upward movement afterwards. Now it is time for the third bounce. The current test of support is very deep. Most probably, it indicates the traders exiting the coin for other assets, for example, Bitcoin.

Thus, the token is being traded in the support area ​​0.04. We also have a potential double bottom and the token heavily oversold as a very cheap asset. You may consider the possibility to buy a token for both a medium-term and short-term position with the exit points at 0.0550, 0.0630 and 0.0750.

Aunit vs. BTC analysis

The Aunit token against Bitcoin is being traded in the support area ​​0.00000500. This pair’s behavior is akin to Aunit/USD behavior. However, absence of a double bottom in the support area makes the difference. The positive point is a better expressed pullback from the support and collapsed volume in the place of the last breakthrough, which has every chance of becoming false. The conclusion does also repeat the conclusion on the previous pair: we should buy a heavily oversold coin around ​​the support line after a false breakthrough.

As for the goals, these points are 0.00000830 and 0.00001350

Aunit vs. ETH analysis

Ethereum continues to delight us with providing earning opportunities. The recent pullback to 0.00006 looks quite impressive as an opportunity. However, the Aunit token has quickly returned to the area of ​​its support and in general the situation is similar to the previous pair, the only difference is in numbers.

Turning to numbers, I’d recommend to buy Aunit against Ethereum at 0.000190 or somewhere in this region. The minimum target for an upward bounce is at High 0.000290. The below targets are 0.000410 and 0.000630.

To close my review, I am wishing you successful trading and investment.

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