Review of Aunit token: buy Aunit and earn

Aunit vs USD analysis

From a technical point of view, the situation on a cryptocurrency pair is very interesting. On the one hand, the rates have worked for the channel resistance 0.06 – 0.04. At this point, they’ve stopped. The fact there is no downward pullback is in itself a good sign. I can also add to this low volumes that appeared during the correction near the resistance. With such volumes, the resistance is never pricked. However, no one takes profits on this level, too and does not close the purchases that led the token to the resistance 0.06. Based on these two factors, we can say that everyone is in a waiting position. 

The next puncture of resistance 0.06, most likely, will provoke further growth of the token to the next target 0.078. The reason behind this scenario is simple: when there are no volumes, everyone is waiting for signal. If a reversal pattern appears in the area of ​​resistance, it can provoke selling, but the Aunit Contest will enhance the token. If we as traders are to start breaking through the resistance of the flag, it will be an incentive for buyers to become active together with the participants of the “Aunit Rally”.

Aunit vs. BTC analysis

The situation on the Aunit token against Bitcoin is also positive. The pair can even better respond to the beginning of the Rally than the previous pair, because many traders are keeping their coins in Bitcoin. If traders switch from Bitcoin to Aunit, the tool will be automatically supported and a bullish trend will evolve.

From the purely technological point of view, we’ve approached to the resistance 0.00000600. The breakthrough of resistance is likely to begin with the beginning of the purchase of the Aunit token by the Rally participants. Anyway, the situation is technically similar to the situation on the previous tool. The only difference is in the volume of trades: if the volumes are still there for this particular pair, the volumes on the previous instrument have dropped. In fact, both pairs are giving the opportunities for arbitrageurs.

Aunit vs. ETH analysis

Well, the Aunit token against Ethereum. The situation here is also very positive. At the moment, the pair is testing an important resistance 0.000235. A breakthrough is most likely to take place, volumes are telling, traders are carefully buying it. A breakthrough will bring the pair to 0.0004, which will almost double the amount of the transaction. You can buy a token now, because local resistance 0.000221 is broken, or you can wait for a breakthrough and rollback to a new support 0.000231.

As always, let me wish you successful trading and investing in the end.

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