Review of the Aunit as of Sep 30: getting ready for a new trend

Hello to everyone,

The last round of the Aunite Group’s largest competition of the year, Aunit-Rally 2019, started last Monday. It is noteworthy that the market didn’t react to its start at all, which means that players and investors took a waiting position. 

A quick analysis of the token’s depth on the BTC-Alpha exchange shows relatively large volumes being based both below the support 0.0243 — 0.0240 and above the current price. Thus, we can conclude that traders placed pending orders below the current support hoping for good luck and they did also place the orders above the current price in case the price does not go down anymore. Good tactics, however, have a weak point, which is the gap factor. Though the fact that the market operates around the clock, trading volumes are not so large as to have this factor excluded. Therefore, if you are on this tactic and think that you would win anyway, that is not that way. Aunit token orders will work if there are corresponding sell orders. Thus, to avoid missing a good market opportunity, it makes sense to buy part of the planned volume from the market at the current price, which, by the way, is still in a very favorable position.
Do not forget about another interesting contest that will end on October 1: “Share your discount and get iPhone X!”. It’s about the Wulet application, which allows you to download discount cards to your mobile phone. The impact of this campaign on the price is much less than that of the Rally, however, you can take an advantage of it.
Well, I will finish the news part of the review by the conclusion that the company is still good at maintaining feedback with its customers and partners. Another proof of these words is an online conference was held on Saturday, in which the company’s executives took part. Everyone could be present on it and ask their own question.

Aunit vs USD analysis

Turning to the technical analysis of the token, we can say that it represents a simple and clear picture. Support is based at ​​0.0240. Support has been working for a long time, which can be clearly seen on the chart. From time to time, the price gets temporary punctures. Given the start of a new contest campaign, which is directly related to token purchases, a breakthrough of this support is unlikely, but I recommend keeping pending purchases there.

The probability of growth of is getting stronger every day being spent in a flat trend. As the rate is based in the support area it also adds to a possibility of a positive outcome. The first target, in case a trend starts, is at a resistance 0.0310. Here, time works against the token, since the faster the rates moves ahead there, the better the double bottom will look and the more likely a resistance 0.0310 will be broken. Anyway, there is a channel 0.0240 — 0.0310 and sooner or later it will be broken. Usually, breakthrough of the channel fills its width, but not in this case. The resistance 0.0350 interferes the channel being filled — the last thing will happen when the resistance 0.0310 is broken. Given the token being oversold, the new rally and the issuing company’s activity in general, it makes sense to consider more interesting goals, such as 0.0460 and 0.0550. Testing these goals is very likely, because the rate has recently been around 0.0600 and above.

Aunit vs BTC analysis

Considering this cryptocurrency pair, we can immediately notice the token being in the middle of the channel 0.00000200 — 0.00000380. Thus, from a technical point of view, it is less interesting to buy Aunit tokens against Bitcoin than buying them against US dollars. However, the overall situation is the same: Aunit is rather oversold, so investors can buy it anywhere. As for traders, it makes sense to wait for a rollback to the channel’s support or buy it upon a breakthrough of 0.00000373. Both investors and traders can buy tokens from the market by parts at any level, so as not to miss a market opportunity.
Other goals on this cryptocurrency pair are shown on the chart and based at 0.00000500, 0.00000750 and 0.00001400.

Aunit vs. ETH analysis

Unfortunately, we are observing a very weak volatility on this cryptocurrency pair. There are orders in the depth, but not so many traders are buying from the market. Nevertheless, the rates are also based in the support area. However, so far, trading on this tool seems to be rather difficult. Due to low volatility and a wide spread, everyone is choosing to trade within the depth. There can be one recommendation working for this: wait for better volatility and keep small volumes in the depth around 0.000120 — 0.000100.

Wishing successful trading and investing to you all.

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