Review of the Aunit token as of Sep 23: correction is on, let’s find out goals

Hello to everyone,
Let me start with the news about the end of the Aunit-Rally 2019 contest and its results. Winners were announced with their names (IDs) published on the website, but this is not the main focus. The most interesting thing is that this is not the end of the competition — it’s still on! And campaign rules were improved: extra prizes are coming every two weeks now. The more Aunit token you have, the better winning chances you get. The rally has got more fascinating and faster, i.e. no need to wait for the result long. This news gives reason to believe that the current correction will be finished soon.
The second news concerns the WULET contest, which was also extended. This competition does not have such an impact on the token’s position on exchange platforms as the Aunit-Rally does. However, it also strengthens the company’s position due to the inflow of participants.

Aunit vs USD analysis

Now, let me comment regarding the exchange rate of the token against the US dollar. We are witnessing a fading correction with very low volumes on this particular pair. We can assume that traders are now waiting for any reason that they are ready to regard as positive. A quick glance at the overall picture shows that the token is at a ​​strong support. There is a small probability of short-term downward dips somewhere to ​​0.0250, where the token has already been. At any moment, it may start exiting from the flat up. The recommendation to buy a token remains relevant. The trend can work very fast: the longer the pair’s been within the flat, the faster the uptrend we have.

As for the goals, they depend on the trend’s speed. Upon a long correction and a quick exit, the nearest stop will be around 0.05. Upon a slow exit from the flat trend, we’ll have several goals with the stop points on each of them (painted by dashed lines on the chart).

Aunit vs BTC analysis

As I suggested and recommended in previous reviews, there are several reasons, why it makes sense to buy it with one position. On the one hand, the pair is not far from a strong support, on the other hand, it was heavily oversold, like other pairs, including the Aunit token. At the moment, the pair has moved a little up, but in view of lowest possible volumes, it makes sense to put orders at support 0.00000200 just for “luck”, and try carefully to buy from the market. If it leaves the current flat correction fast, then we can expect the pair around 0.00000750.

Aunit vs. ETH analysis

This pair does not behave like the previous ones. As the above considered pairs demonstrate decline in trading volumes, this one is on the contrary growing. This means that traders are leaving positions with Ethereum and go to Aunit. The reason behind such behavior is not so important as its result. An important point is the exit from the Ethereum as such. Better buying volumes on this pair may perform as a Buy signal for the other pairs, including Aunit token.
Growth targets are at 0.000230 and 0.000390. You can buy both from the market and with the help of pending orders.
P.S. I am wishing everyone of you successful trading and investing.

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