Review of the Aunit token: … and it starts well again

Aunit vs USD analysis

As for the technical side, the situation is getting to be very interesting. The previous rally was very small and stopped at 0.0550, whereas the expected target was based at 0.07. However, everyone had the opportunity to make that trading position and thus double the available amount.

At the moment, the price has rolled back to about the starting point, and you can repeat the previous deal with the same result, and perhaps it would be the best possible result. Everything will depend on the situation we have in the resistance area of ​​0.0550.
However, let’s get to a little more detailed picture. The first point is a a potential Buy point. Now the pair is being traded in the support area of ​​0.03. The reversal may take place from the current position, or there may be a slight dip down followed by a reversal correction and an uptrend. The most cautious traders are recommended to wait for a reversal model, but it may not happen, or its starting point will be much higher than the current rate. Being heavily oversold, as well as close to the support 0.03, the token can offer a simple entrance strategy: the part can be spent for the purchase from the market, whereas the other part can be placed below 0.03.
As for the next rally, it has two goals: the first goal lies in the resistance area ​​0.0550, whereas the second goal pertains to the High 0.07.

Aunit vs BTC analysis

As for the Aunit token against the Bitcoin, it also unfolds a very interesting situation. The Aunit against Bitcoin is being traded in the support area ​​0.00000200. There are many other support lines ahead, around which a reversal model will be created. However, the situation is similar to the situation developing around the previous trading instrument. There is a strong support ahead with the token being oversold, so I would recommend buying from the market and putting several pending orders below the support 0.00000200.
It also makes sense to exit in parts, because the potential target for the initial strong growth lies around 0.00001400 (if you are confused with zeros, I’ll put the potential profit as 700% to that). Therefore, I repeat, we exit partially at the levels of 0.00000500, 0.00000750 and 0.00001400.

Aunit vs. ETH analysis

The Aunit token against Ethereum is being traded in the support area​​0.000100. The situation is similar to the situation with both previous pairs. Given the low volatility, which sometimes gives unimaginably profitable entry points, only pending orders would be best solution. At the moment, you can buy the instrument by placing additional several orders for “luck” beneath support 0.000100. It makes sense to put Take Profit orders at such marks as 0.000270, 0.000400 and 0.000640.

P.S. I wish everyone successful trading and investing.

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