Review of the Aunit token May 17

Aunit vs USD analysis


The situation is extremely simple for this pair. There is a local flat trend formed after the recent intensive growth of the token within 0.04–0.076. There is a line inside the correction around ​​0.0560. Until breakthrough of resistance 0.076, the entire analysis will be based upon these three lines.
The last event here is a breakout of the level 0.0560 and a new local trend targeting 0.076. The goal 0.076 cannot perform as a solid resistance. Considering the factors discussed in the fundamental analysis section, the growth of the token against the US dollar can easily continue even if the target reaches 0.076.
The situation will be different when the level reaches 0.076 and the pair stops there. In this case, we’d need to consider the form of the correction.
Now you can enter in three ways. The first one is the easiest: make the first purchase and take profit either wait for a downward pullback to make new purchases. The latter is for investors.
The second option takes on the intraday flags. On each stop, you can catch flags and enter. Such trends provide enough flags.
The third option is focused on kickbacks to 0.0560. However, there is a risk that the token will not return to this point.
Aunit vs. BTC analysis

An interesting situation is developing here. The rates are moving around the three lines: 0.00000500, 0.00000900 and 0.00001400. Recently, this pair has provided great Buy options. In case you missed them the next signal is not far off: it will work off when the resistance breaks out 0.00000900. The rates of this pair are behind the previous pair. It was caused by a deeper pullback after growth. Therefore, when making a decision for this pair take into account what was happening on the previous pair. For now, speculators can wait the price to hit 0.00000900, whereas investors can buy from the market. Further rollbacks are possible. They will also give additional opportunities for purchases.
Aunit vs. ETH analysis

As usual, this tool gives even more opportunities due to lower volumes and higher volatility. The first mark, where you should always keep a buy order, is the level 0.00080. The pair takes it rarely, but having put pending orders at this point, you can close profitable positions.
The second support is the mark 0.000200. Considering low volumes, it also makes sense to place a Buy order here. The point 0.000400 still represents a local resistance. You can buy on the breakthrough of this level. In all cases, the lowest target is based at 0.000630.
Keep in mind that 0.000630 does not make a strong resistance and can also be broken through, just like other High on previous instruments.
Wishing all of you successful trading and investing,

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