Review of the Aunit token as of Jan 13: we buy on support at 0.00000100

Hi, I’ve got some news to share. First, starting Jan 16 all the pairs against Ethereum will be closed by the BTC-Alpha exchange. Despite the low liquidity of the Aunit/Ethereum pair, you were still able to earn on this, due to the well-predictable and regular behavior of the pair.
Positive news is that the next birthday of Aunite Group Corporation is coming. It will be celebrated in Turkey from May 10 to 17. This celebration will bring together many guests and speakers. Since Turkey was chosen as the venue for this event, we can conclude about rising significance of the international direction for the company as well as to treat this fact as a sure sign of great interest towards the company among the partners abroad.

Aunit vs USD analysis

At this particular moment, the token against US dollar is based in the area of ​​quite a strong support. Therefore, it is reasonable to buy it here, anticipating the price would encounter several goals during a rebound.

обзор 13.01.png

Below I will tell more about the goals. The most distant, but visible goal is 0.0750. The very fact of a long non-presence in this area makes it favorable for bulls. However, it is difficult to predict for how long this price is going to be in the support area of ​​the channel 0.0240 — 0.0750. In fact, the price can arrive there in one day, so we must always keep purchases in the support area of ​​0.0250 or below. The next and less ambitious, but a more likely goal is the resistance 0.05. The breakout of 0.05 upon the next test would be more likely than a false breakout and a rebound back to 0.0250. Therefore, the target 0.05 is likely to be the goal of a further breakthrough it, as well as a good incentive for the price to move to 0.0750.
The next two targets are based within the flat range near the support of the old wide channel 0.0250 — 0.0750. We are talking about the goals 0.0380 and 0.0330. It is better to sell part of the trading volume upon bounce toward these goals because this range provides a lot of Buy and Sell signals for both buying and selling, as well the short life time of transactions. It enables you to make money on these small fluctuations. We are holding part of the trading volume in cases of exits at 0.05 and 0.0750.

Aunit vs BTC analysis

This review’s title was about the Aunit/BTC pair. The price fell to the support area of ​​0.00000100. It happens when the most interesting transactions are triggered by those traders who anticipate them. I always recommend keeping a little volume very low just in case of failure. So, this is exactly this case. If you are reading my review and the quotes are still at ​​0.00000100 or below than 0.00000200, then you should buy without any hesitation. Of course, we always use risk management and do not spend all the money on one transaction, but this is beyond the topic of this article.

обзор 13.01-1.png

As for the goals, the sale option at 0.00000200 should not be considered, because this is a “drop in the bucket”. The closest target to consider is within 0.00000500 — 0.00000550. As a result of the bounce to this area, we get to the the old channel, plus a false breakthrough of its support a little earlier. We’ll discuss a current breakthrough a little later.

Analysis of the BTC rate

Bitcoin is currently trading within the frames of flag correction. The flag pen is approximately based between 7000 and 7800 US dollars. To move up, the rate needs to break through resistance of the flag. Instead, it is moving to 8300 and 8400, so at least one more upward move is needed in order to stipulate the resistance along with its further breakthrough. At the moment, I do not see any strong arguments for traders to switch from Aunit to Bitcoin. Moreover, a double top can still be drawn, first at the top of the correction, then below with the flag’s correction in the form of a double top. Thus, the probability of a downward movement will become more likely.

обзор 13.01-2.png

Good luck to everyone!

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