Review of the Aunit token as of Jan 27: the window of opportunities for bulls is open

Hi, let me start today’s review with the news about the corporate quest. Meeting the needs of participants, it was decided to postpone the beginning until today, January 27, 2020. All rules and idea of the contest remain the same, the organizers of the quest promise invaluable experience of the team work and many prizes.
I’d also like to mention the “cyber monday”. Cyber Monday is a sale of goods with 70% discounts that is going to run until February 1. In addition to large discounts, the Aunit Group also offers extra cashback! By the way, now it is possible to find out in which particular store provides most profitable terms for purchases.
And finally, the latest news about the already finished event, speaking in favor of the high activity of the company. It took place the last week and is called the Unity Day. It was an online conference, where famous and popular speakers spoke.

Aunit vs USD analysis

Speaking about the window of opportunities for buyers, we mean support 0.0200. At the moment, the cryptocurrency pair is being traded within the channel 0.0200–0.0500. The pair has been spending time in the lower part of the range for most of the time, so there is no reason to consider targets above it. However, we should not exclude the possibility of a pump, since it is a cryptocurrency with pumps on it that take place from time to time. This moment is difficult to predict, so the best option is to always remain partially in the token.
As for support, the pair is testing support again at 0.0200. The price has also been noted below this level, but, as before, it had bounced. That means that the token is quickly bought out below support, which was always contained in my recommendations. In particular, I recommend keeping pending purchases in the support area of ​​0.0200 and below. Actually, at the time of writing, this recommendation remains to be the main one and very helpful.

обзор 27.01.png

We can divide goals into short-term and medium-term ones. The fastest goal is the resistance 0.0250. The double bottom can be formed when the price hits this area. In the second case, the pair will remain inside the local channel 0.0200 — 0.0250. Therefore, when buying around 0.0200, near to the resistance 0.0250 it makes sense to take a little profit, in case of a repeated pullback. If the first option works — a breakthrough of the resistance 0.0250 along with development of the double bottom, then the target will be the resistance 0.0300. Thus, these are the two nearest goals.
After working out the double bottom, the price either moves further to 0.0380, 0.0400, 0.0500, or rolls back down. In this case, we’ll look at what happens there.

Aunit vs BTC analysis

As for the current cryptocurrency pair, I congratulate everyone who bought upon a failure under the support of 0.00000200 and received a good profit on this, whether it was upon my recommendation or not. I did not see the reasons for this fall, most likely, some influencer had predicted a sharp increase in bitcoin, which naturally did not happen and is unlikely to happen in the coming years, but this is another story.

обзор 27.01 - 1.png

Now, turning to the current situation: everything has returned to the regular status of things. The cryptocurrency pair is trading inside the channel’s support area ​​0.00000200 — 0.00000550. The situation is similar to the picture, that we see for the previous tool. The pair is trading not far from the support. So, the first goal is the potential double bottom’s resistance 0.00000300 when breaking into the area of ​​0.00000400–0.00000450. Of course, you need to wait for a rollback to 0.00000200, or place a pending buy order there in order to enter purchases. If this rollback does not happen, then the next window of opportunities will open on breakthrough of the resistance 0.00000300. Given the Aunit token is heavily oversold, you can enter upon break of resistance 0.00000300 without fears, on condition that you are always keeping a pending Buy order at 0.00000250 and 0.00000200. To the above goals, you are free to add the resistance of a wider channel 0.00000550.

Good luck to everyone, bye.

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