Review of the Aunit token as of Oct 7: and buying again

Hello to to everybody. I will start the first part of the review with interesting news. The news is certainly positive and probably was an incentive for a recent move within the channel 0.0220 — 0.0310. (By the way, readers of my reviews had a chance to capitalize on this movement, however, I’ll go on about the technical side of things in the below part).

Now we are talking about the Aunit-Rally 2019 competition. On this competition, on October 7, intermediate prizes (10 000 tokens to three participants) were drawn. That’s why the market could go more active, which was mentioned in my previous review. It can added that even the “good luck” orders worked out at 0.02.

Another noteworthy point is the end of the Wulet contest. This campaign, due to its own audience, earned a positive attention to the token. The webinar scheduled for October 9th will announce its winners.

Here comes the last news, which is more about the company itslf and its customers: it is China Fest or increased cashback paid for purchases made in Chinese stores. Increased cashback will be provided until the end of October. This Fest opens a season of discounts in online stores, which will last until the New Year. We can expect that each sale will support the company as well as bring new customers.

Aunit vs USD analysis

The technical situation on the token against the dollar predisposes invites us to buy it. If you made the previous purchase, it worked in the resistance area ​​0.0300 — 0.0320. The price has failed to develop the trend by breaking the channel up and had therefore rolled back to the channel support at 0.0240. 

A short-term chance was to buy a token at a very favorable price 0.02, but if you missed this moment you can still buy a token at current prices around 0.0240, which represents support for the current channel. The goal for upward movement will be the channel’s resistance around 0.0320 — 0.0300. Further, it all depends on bulls’ mood. If the desire to enter the Aunit token is strong enough, the resistance level 0.0310 will be broken and the pair will move to ​​the next resistance 0.0460.

Thus, the tactics of working on this cryptocurrency pair remains the same: we buy support 0.0220–0.0240 and put pending orders in the support area of ​​0.0200.

Aunit vs BTC analysis

This pair’s rate is lagging a bit. The dynamics of the cryptocurrency pair is similar to the dynamics of the Aunit token exchange rate against the US dollar, but we can observe a delay here. A rollback to ​​0.00000250 will provide a perfect Buy chance. You can set buy orders below the support 0.00000250 as long as there is a prick. It makes sense to place a pending order in the support area ​​0.00000250. The goal of these purchases will be the resistance of the channel 0.00000375

An alternative option would be no rollback to the channel’s support 0.00000250–0.00000375. In this case, the quotes will return to the resistance of 0.00000375, make a flag or just a narrow correction. If this option takes place, you may buy on the breakthrough of this correction with a protective Stop order being put under it. The goal of the second option is around 0.00000500.

Aunit vs. ETH analysis

And of course, the most interesting cryptocurrency pairs: Aunit vs Ethereum. Liquidity is minor here, so you need to work with pending orders. At the moment, there is no possibility to buy, the pair is heading to the resistance of the channel — ​​0.000275. It’s possible, of course, to buy at current prices, but you need to be prepared for a downward rollback.

PS Wishing successful trading and investing to you all.

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