Review of the Aunit token May 10

As always, I will start the review with the fundamental news on the token. Here are the two main key events that provide support. First, on May 16, the Aunite Group corporation will celebrate its fifth anniversary. Many related events are planned in this regard: a conference in Sochi, Russia. It will be the venue for speeches, a special training program, the corporate quest, and others. Tickets at a discount are available.

Secondly, the large project “AUNIT Marathon” is going to finish soon. Each participant is awarded prizes on it. New participants are still having a chance to jump into the last car and join the winners of this project.
A few words about Bitcoin

The situation on Bitcoin continues to evolve in a positive way. At the moment, an important resistance zone is being tested, which is located between the levels of 6000 and 6250. Support may be located elsewhere on different exchanges, so there is no definite level. Positive situation on Bitcoin can support other coins either put pressure on them. It depends on what kind of money will be supported by Bitcoin. If the money is mainly represented by cash, Bitcoin will drive other coins. If traders start to exchange other coins for BTC it is going to experience pressure. From a technical point of view, the Buy option will appear on a breakthrough of resistance 6250 either on a breakthrough of resistance of any correction, if this resistance is based around 6250.
Aunit vs USD

As for the Aunit token against the US dollar, the rate of this pair is in the flat trend. The nearest resistance is at 0.0550, with the nearest support being based at 0.0400. If we consider the current correction under 0.0550, the bullish mood is seen.
From a technical point of view, you should buy on the rollback from the support 0.0400, where you can put a pending order. However, given the reluctance to go down there or the desire to buy there, we can not return to the support of 0.0400.
The second Buy option is a breakthrough of resistance 0.0550. The rate is in the flat and you need to wait until the bulls gather strength and break through the resistance.
The best option is always somewhere in the middle: we can place a Buy order around 0.0400 or it can be lower, whereas the second one can be put on the break of resistance 0.0550.
Aunit vs. BTC

The situation against Bitcoin is similar to the situation against the US dollar with only one difference: the current correction is narrower than on the previous pair. The rest of the strategy is similar. Upon a downward rollback, the next target is 0.00000600. Conversely, if we go to the resistance of the channel, then our target is 1300. As you can see, the channel is rather wide: just need to wait for a good situation to enter.
It makes sense to enter on the support 0.00000600, but we can not return there, so we should break the deal and buy from the market adding partial purchases from the market or slightly higher support.
Aunit vs. ETH

The situation resembles the situation with the Bitcoin, only other levels. Here you should buy in two spots: 0.000300 and 0.000200. You can buy at 0.000400, because we can not return to the previously mentioned support. We are moving towards the last High at 0.0640.
In all the mentioned pairs, the token is heavily resold. It means that you need to buy from the market and on rollbacks and sell partially on the first goal. The first goal for the current pair is resistance 0.0640.
Thus, the situation on the token continues to develop in a positive way.

I wish everyone of you happy trading. See you!

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