Review of the AUNIT token May 3

As usual, I am going to start the review with fundamental points speaking for the brisk growth of the Aunit token issuing company. First, the number of its partners has grown again which entails a lot of foreign representatives. As we can see, the company is gaining popularity in Europe.

Second, let us remind you about a global project of the AUNITE GROUP: its ongoing marathon. From now on, the company has by half cut the requirements making you an eligible participant winning new prizes. The main prize of the competition is Toyota Corolla.

We’ll carefully go through the situation on the market with the Aunit token, but now I am going to say a few words about Bitcoin.


Bitcoin is still being traded within the flat correction, but this correction has a bullish character. The rates are gradually moving up while a rollback from the resistance is getting weaker. The new trend is most likely to be hindered by the resistance based at 6000. The correction has chances to last until it encounters ​​6000 and then the bullish trend can continue on the breakthrough. In general, the situation on Bitcoin is optimistic, which means the same direction for other tokens.
Analysis of Aunit vs USD pair


The Aunit token is based at the correction stage, which is normal for any asset, after intensive growth. This indicates that there was a massive profit taking movement. If you pay attention to the Lows 0.0330 and 0.0312, you’ll find that they were crossed and returned within a day. Investors have no desire to stay below.
However, a stop point has been found after the trend. The most likely scenario is a correction between the support 0.0330, where the price may not return, and the resistance 0.0770.
One more level of our focus is 0.0550. If no new Highs and Lows are reached, this level will be the middle of the correction. In this case, we can buy on the breakthrough line. Since the token is heavily oversold, I do not recommend opening short orders.
Analysis of the Aunit vs. BTC pair


The behaviour of this pair is similar to how the token feels against the US dollar. A very deep movement is the reaction to the recent growth. At the same time, the token does not want to stay in the lower part of the correction for a long time. The buying range for the tokens starts from 0.00000580 –0.00000860. The most recent High has been recorded 0.00001400. Just a while ago, it seemed to be an unrealistic target. If you’ve never traded with the token before, you may start buying it with 0.00000860 and below. Doing so by pending orders is best.
Analysis of the Aunit vs. ETH pair


As usual, much smaller volumes are present for the Aunit against the Ethereum. However, this is not a hindrance for setting trends. The last recommendations were to keep orders around 0.000100 which worked perfectly, but I had to wait a while. I think the same situation will continue to be present. We are supposed to enter this market with the pending orders being put on both old and new support points around 0.000200 and 0.000300.
Thus, the situation with the token continues to develop in a positive direction. I wish everyone of you successful trading, see you.

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