The Aunit’s review as of Sep 9: a perfect investment opportunity

I’ll start with the most important news — Aunit Rally 2019 is about to be over. If for some other reason you are not in yet, then perhaps it’s the best time to join. Firstly, it will be over soon and thus you are closer to learning about its results, and secondly, the token’s price is at the best possible level for entry (of course, as long as you need an iPad Air for $25).

Let me get to the competition rules briefly if you are not aware of them yet. In fact, 3 iPads Air will be drawn among all those who bought more than 1000 Aunit tokens. One iPad Air goes to the one who bought the most number of Aunit tokens, the other two will be randomly drawn between the other participants who satisfied the contest rules. In addition to the iPad, there are other prizes, (as well as we can consider the profit that we could earn on the next rollback as our prize).

The next noteworthy news: more partners have joined the Aunite Group company. These are the Russian stores, as well as the stores across the CIS, Turkey, and Europe. Expanding the list of partners is always for the company’s value.
And, of course, good news specially for residents of the CIS countries: the launch of the Wulet application, previously available only to Russian citizens. Just to remind: Wulet is a safe and modern app for cardholders. If you did not use it, I’d recommend to try it out. Moreover, there is a reason — until September 15, the Aunite Group will be running the contest with 3 iPhoneX and 27 other prizes being drawn among those who downloaded this app and satisfied all the contest rules.

Aunit vs USD analysis

From a technical point of view, the Aunit token is in a very interesting situation. As you can see on the chart, the rate is based on a very reliable support 0.0270. Since the level has been pricked, we can expect a reversal model being formed before the rebound somewhere to 0.07. In this case, even lower rates for the heavily oversold token are possible. However, given the history of the breakthrough of this support, the puncture can be rapid with the reversal pattern being formed within the day. Given the lack of activity, this reversal model is not necessarily to be formed. With current prices, buying from the market now is profitable . In any case, the current prices are very good and will remain quite acceptable even if a reversal pattern gets formed, (even if being slightly higher than the current ones). The main thing is not to miss the price that can occur for a very short moment.

Aunit vs BTC analysis

As usually, the situation on this pair is similar situation with the previous one. Here is a very strong support area and you should buy from here now, plus make sure to put several orders “for luck” below. If we move down, we should do that quickly and briefly, in order to catch the moment; just make sure to put pending Buy orders. Exit points can also be set with pending orders around 0.00000500, 0.00000700 and 0.00000900.

Aunit vs. ETH analysis

Unlike previous pairs, Aunit against Ethereum is being trading far from the support 0.000100, where we could have an opportunity to make a profitable purchase. If you work there, you can only put a few purchase orders, starting from 0.000100 and below. The correction’s form is still uncertain, so we can test 0.000100 quite well. If you entered earlier and did not exit at a recent leap, the goals 0.000200, 0.000270 and 0.000380 are relevant for you. Given the token being oversold, it makes sense not to leave it completely, and just wait for the next pump, reserving the part of your deposit for this time.

P.S. I wish everyone of you successful trading and investing.

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